I had the privilege to capture these special moments for Rolan and Ari as they made a big step into a new chapter in their relationship. Me and Rolan had talked about this dream of a location in Santa Cruz, Wilder Ranch State Park where it would be perfect to pop the questions. This enormous tree filled with rich roots and branches was a great stage for Rolan to ask the question, and where Ari said; "YES! YES! YES! Oh my gosssh". Enjoy this photogenic couple!!


Caleb + Alexius | What a couple. I knew when shooting their engagement photos that they were going to be a chill, fun couple the day of their wedding and that they were! Who knew this forest of Redwoods and Eucalyptus existed in the heart of San Francisco?! From the way they looked at each other to the steps they first took as husband and wife, this couple was nothing short of love and beauty and everything in between. Hope you enjoy reliving the Alldrin wedding with this blog post. Also big thanks to my second shooter Chelsi Rapoza, she killed it!